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BLEC Self Propelled Pedestrian Seeder


The BLEC Self Propelled Pedestrian Seeder is ideal for landscaping or general seeding. Its design is based on the proven principle of incorporating the seed using long life cast ring rollers designed for the accurate seeing of both large and small areas. The seeder is compact enough for the smallest seeding requirements but it is capable of seeding large and small areas from domestic gardens to golf courses. This machine is capable of seeding up to 2.25 acres per hour.


So how does it work?


The front notched ring rollers prepare the seed bed by crushing lumps, levelling the soil to create a firm surface and it also creates small pockets in the soil to accommodate the seed, which is spread over the complete working area. The rear set of rollers cover the seed by then splitting the shallow ridges formed by the front rollers, incorporating the seeds evenly in the top 12mm of soil. This method keeps surface disturbance to a minimum.


The durable seed hopper is fitted with stainless steel bottom sections with precision narrow openings. Steel agitator rotors mounted in the hopper bottom are ground driven from the notched rollers. Seed is mixed and fed through adjustable outlets which are controlled by a single lever. A graduated scale allows the correct seed to be obtained. A combined spreader chute and wind deflector is mounted under the hopper. A tray supplied with the seeder allows for the calibration of individual seed mixes.


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