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Just as the name implies Plugr COMPACT goes where other aerators can not. It is easy to maneuver in use and easy to load when cross-town transport is needed. Built with all the premium features as our wider PRO and COMMERCIAL models, PL400 is only 22" wide so it can aerate those small, impossible to get to spots that every lawn has. Each pass covers 22" with core spacing of approximate 3.63" x 6", identical to the PL600 COMMERCIAL core pattern. Plugr COMPACT is easy to transport and store. It weighs only 208 pounds and folds quickly to a 22" width, 30" height and 63" length. PL400 is designed for small lawn care services as a convenient smaller addition to existing lawn care fleets. Let Plugr COMPACT PL400 get you in and out of tight spots at a surprisingly affordable price without sacrificing aeration quality.