Mobile Scaffold Tower Hire | Single Width (6.2 M Platform Height)

Mobile Scaffold Tower Hire | Single Width (6.2 M Platform Height)

Category - Aluminium Scaffolding Towers

Product Description:

Width: 850 mm 
Length: 2.5 meters
Platform Height: 6.2 meters
Working Height: 8.2 meters

Are you looking for a safe and dependable way to work at height during your construction or maintenance projects? Look no further than our UTS alloy towers! They are designed to make your job easier, whether you need to inspect, perform general maintenance or do light construction work.
Our towers are made from durable alloy material and can withstand regular use. They come with castor wheels, making them easy to move around your worksite, giving you the flexibility to position them wherever needed. Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations, including a height of up to 6 meters, and one or two boards wide. A wider platform is ideal for painting and decorating, while a one-board platform is perfect for inspection or light construction.
Our UTS alloy towers are built with safety in mind and meet or exceed industry standards. With a stable platform and secure guardrails, you can work confidently and comfortably. The non-slip surface ensures your safety while working at height.
Whether you're working on construction, painting, or maintenance, the UTS alloy tower is the perfect choice for a reliable and safe work platform. Contact us today to learn more about the different sizes and configurations available and find the one that best fits your needs. With our UTS alloy towers, you can confidently tackle any job with ease and safety.

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