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Fence Master® | Post Removal | Post & Tree Puller Hire

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Product Description:

Introducing the Fence Master® Post Removal System: the ultimate solution for effortlessly extracting fence posts of all types and sizes. Whether you're dealing with standard fence posts, sturdy gateposts, or robust motorway barriers, our innovative machinery takes the hassle out of the removal process.
Key Features:
Swift Extraction: Say goodbye to hours of laborious digging. Our system can remove posts with heavy concrete footings in under 2 minutes, thanks to its efficient design and powerful mechanics.
No Backbreaking Work: With the Fence Master®, there's no need to strain your back with manual digging. Our system eliminates the need for physical exertion, saving you time and effort.
Impressive Strength: Boasting a pulling force of 4000kg, our system tackles even the most stubborn posts with ease, ensuring a smooth and efficient extraction process.
Versatile Footing Capacity: Whether your posts have footings with diameters of up to 600mm, our system handles them all effortlessly, providing unparalleled versatility.
Specialized Claw Attachment: Removing broken or rotten posts is a breeze with our specially designed claw attachment, allowing for quick and easy extraction without any hassle.
Convenient Mobility: The Fence Master® doesn't just extract posts—it allows for the complete removal of both the post and its footing, which can then be conveniently wheeled away for disposal or reuse.
User-Friendly Operation: Our manual unit is completely self-contained and operated by a hand pump, ensuring straightforward and hassle-free usage for fencers and landscapers alike.
Experience the difference with the Fence Master® Post Removal System—the epitome of innovation and efficiency in post extraction technology.

** PostPuller is a large heavy item (120 kg) - Only suitable for large high roof van or trailer. ** 

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