Wicklow Hire offers a wide range of gardening equipment for hire to help you tackle any outdoor project. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a DIY enthusiast, we have the right tools to help you get the job done. Our range includes hedge trimmers, strimmers, lawnmowers, seed spreaders, rotavators, and stump grinders that are perfect for maintaining gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces.
We understand that time is of the essence on gardening projects, so we offer fast delivery and flexible rental options. Whether you need to hire a tool for a day, a week or a month, we can accommodate your needs. We also offer nationwide delivery, so you can have your tools delivered to your job site wherever you are located in Ireland.

Transform your outdoor projects into seamless endeavors with Wicklow Hire's extensive selection of gardening equipment available for hire. Tailored to meet the needs of both professional landscapers and DIY enthusiasts, our diverse range of tools ensures that you have the right equipment to tackle any gardening task with ease. From manicuring lawns to taming unruly hedges, our gardening equipment is designed to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of gardens, parks, and various outdoor spaces.

Explore our inventory, which includes hedge trimmers for precise and efficient hedge maintenance, strimmers for tackling overgrown areas, lawnmowers to achieve a well-manicured lawn, seed spreaders for even and efficient seeding, rotavators for soil preparation, and stump grinders for tree stump removal. Each tool in our range is carefully selected to provide optimal performance, making it easier for you to achieve professional results, whether you're working on a small garden or a larger outdoor project.

At Wicklow Hire, we recognize that time is a crucial factor in gardening projects. To enhance your convenience, we offer fast delivery services, ensuring that you receive the tools you need promptly. Our flexible rental options accommodate various project timelines, allowing you to hire a tool for a day, a week, or a month based on your specific requirements.

Additionally, our commitment to accessibility extends to nationwide delivery services. Regardless of your location in Ireland, we ensure that your gardening equipment is delivered to your job site, eliminating the logistical challenges associated with transportation.

Don't let the lack of equipment hinder the progress of your gardening projects. Contact us today to explore the comprehensive gardening equipment rental options available at Wicklow Hire. With fast delivery, flexible rental terms, and nationwide service, we are here to support your endeavors, providing you with the right tools to bring your outdoor visions to life.

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